Our Initiatives

Dissemination of information for improving awareness and education in general public through print & electronic media, by holding regular Meetings on Awareness & Development, Publishing protocols, manuals and innovative communication material on prevention of Cancer.

Research in cancer propagation through laboratory or population based studies on topics of critical interest to the country such as Epidemiology, Chemoprevention, Cancer vaccines, new detection methods and tests.

Development of human resource in the field of cancer prevention and early detection by holding workshops, trainings, conferences/symposia on tropical themes for medical and Para-medical professionals.

Service and Support to cancer patients through cancer helpline that provides counselling and clinical advice during and post-treatment status of patients.

Tobacco control through advocacy, surveys, intervention measures and helping in implementation and monitoring of tobacco laws in the country.

Our Vision   

A Cancer free world

Our Core Mission                             

• Provide financial, emotional and social support and hence a holistic
 cancer care to the underprivileged.
• Provide access to cancer treatment among the poor.
• Spread awareness of cancer and educate people about early detection and prevention.
• Support education & research on Cancer cure.